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Photo of the Day – 01/24/17 (“Boys Will Be Boys”, 1941)

Daily Photo — “Boys Will Be Boys, 1941”

Use the photos posted in this feature for writing prompts, warm-up activities, drawing templates or as part of a photo analysis.

Another one to file under “the more things change…”  Seems like some things have always been irresistible, like squirting your friend at the water fountain.  Three guesses as to what happened right after this was taken!.

July 1941. “Fun at the water fountain. Fourth of July picnic in Vale, Oregon.” Photo by Russell Lee for the Farm Security Administration. 

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Fun Facts About Candy Corn — Infographic

Fun Facts About Candy Corn

This fun little tri-colored confection is a true sign of Fall and the coming of Halloween and all the chills that come with the season and the holiday.  Just how much do you know about this staple candy of Autumn though? [VIA: Trillion Creative]

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The Future (According to Films) – Infographic

The Future According to Films

With summer (and its new movies) almost upon us I thought that today’s infographic would be a fun way to look and see if there is something you might like to add to your queue or “must watch list”.  As films look into the future, there is a fair share  of both dystopia and very cool science that occurs.  However, when will these things happen and how should we best prepare.  Michael Hobson decided to take a look at some of the most popular futuristic films and place them in a timeline to give you not only an idea of their context to each other, but also how much longer we have before these various alien invasions and multiple ends of the world. [VIA]

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Show Off Random Activity Generator

Random Activity Generator

Are you bored?  Looking for something to do?  Do you want to learn or try some new and fun skills?  If so, check out this cool little site — Show Off.

Show Off is the promotional site for a book by the same title that is a “how-to” book for kids.  They promote over 208 pages with 1500 illustrations that walk you step by step through some interesting activities that can easily alleviate boredom and teach you some new life skills at the same time.  I clicked through a few times and got activities like building a solar compass, learning how to skip a stone, how to dry and press flowers, and how to encode secret messages.

Each “lesson” in Show Off is about 4-5 panels long and even though the activities look easy, you will spend a good deal of time practicing and perfecting each one.  So, what should you do today?

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