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Artwork of the Day – 11/17/15 (Dynamism of a Cyclist, Umberto Boccioni)

Daily Artwork — “Dynamism of a Cyclist, Umberto Boccioni, 1913”

Use the images posted in this feature for writing prompts, warm-up activities, drawing templates or as part of an artwork critique.

1913 — Dynamism of a Cyclist. Oil paint on canvas. Futurism style. Umberto Boccioni (1882-1916). Peggy Guggenheim Foundation, Venice, Italy.
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Failed Tech Predictions — Infographic

Failed Tech Predictions (and Some That Came True)

Since the begging of time we’ve looked to the future and wondered what the world will be like so many years from now.  How many of those predictions actually come to fruition however?  Today’s infographic takes a look at the predictions of those seers and futurists and then gives us the reality of the technological advancements we’ve made. [VIA]

Failed Predictions

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