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Who Brings the Sting? — Infographic

Who Brings the Sting?

I absolutely hate stinging things…bees and wasps in particular.  If I had anything close to a borderline phobia, this would be it.  I freeze even at the sight of a honeybee.  This isn’t because I am allergic (though my wife is deathly so) but from a few times at my grandparent’s house as a kid when I was stung by a couple bees, and not even at the same time.  It is interesting and important to see, however, just what the differences are between all these stingers, so you know who is safe, and who is made of pure evil.  [VIA]

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Honeybee Extinction — Infographic

Honeybee Extinction

For several years, the US and Canada have seen a mysterious and sharp decline in the population of honeybees.  Why is this happening?  How fast is the die-off occurring?  What would the impact on the environment and economy be if the bees indeed went extinct?  Today’s infographic addresses these questions. [Via]

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