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Shoveling Snow Like a Pro — Infographic

Shovel Snow Like a Pro

Forget “winter is Coming” — Winter is HERE!  I know in South Jersey this weekend, I was out shoveling a bit of the white stuff (about 6 inches worth) and up and down the East Coast and across the rest of the country many had to do the same.  Have you ever thought about how to make things easier on yourself though?  Today’s infographic gives you some tips and tricks to make clearing the driveways and walks a little easier.  We want to make sure we’re doing this the right way, as shoveling is quite the workout and can lead to serious health issues if we’re not careful.  Unless you’re this guy — he’s got it down! [VIA]

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10 Things You Can Eat Around Your Home or Garden — Infographic

10 Things You Can Eat Around Your Home or Garden (But Probably Won’t)

One of the biggest New Years resolutions people tend to have is to eat better, or healthier.  This got me thinking about what we could eat, and I stumbled upon this infographic.  Below is a list of 10 things that are actually edible in your home or garden, along with serving suggestions and calorie counts.  Somehow I doubt I will be rushing home to dig in though.  I would have to be mighty desperate to dig into my old belt or a box of chalk!  [VIA]

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Happy Holidays!

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