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The Architecture of American Houses — Infographic

The Architecture of American Houses

From Postmedieval homes in the new colonies, to the McMansions that have sprung up in the last decades to everything in between, the architecture of the American home is a very interesting journey.  This infographic hits just about every style of home in the past 400+ years since the founding of Jamestown, Virginia to now.  What’s your favorite?  [VIA]

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History of the Garage – Infographic

History of the Garage

It’s an integral part of most of our homes and something we take for granted.  Usually your garage is used to house your car, but oftentimes it’s another storage room, converted bedroom, or even rehearsal space for a band!  How did this space come to be, however?  Today’s infographic shows the evolution of the garage from converted free-standing horse carriage houses to an actual part of our homes.

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