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Laundry Symbols — Infographic

Laundry Symbols

We encounter signs and symbols everyday, and while most are easy to recognize, some we have no clue what they might mean.  Have you ever looked at the tag in your clothing?  Aside from having information about the materials the garment is made from and where it was manufactured, there are also some basic washing instructions and sometimes assorted symbols, but what do they mean?  Today’s infographic is a chart of those symbols.  It can be a great addition to a lesson on symbolic language, deciphering code, or general household/life skills information. [VIA]

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Reading for the Future – Infographic

Reading for the Future

As educators we all know the value of reading and of stressing good reading habits and strategies to our students.  We need to promote the love of reading and how to read, both for learning and pleasure, throughout their school years.  Today’s infographic shows how reading proficiency can affect a child’s life, some strategies for teaching good reading habits, and why third grade is the most important year in a student’s reading life. [VIA]

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Show Off Random Activity Generator

Random Activity Generator

Are you bored?  Looking for something to do?  Do you want to learn or try some new and fun skills?  If so, check out this cool little site — Show Off.

Show Off is the promotional site for a book by the same title that is a “how-to” book for kids.  They promote over 208 pages with 1500 illustrations that walk you step by step through some interesting activities that can easily alleviate boredom and teach you some new life skills at the same time.  I clicked through a few times and got activities like building a solar compass, learning how to skip a stone, how to dry and press flowers, and how to encode secret messages.

Each “lesson” in Show Off is about 4-5 panels long and even though the activities look easy, you will spend a good deal of time practicing and perfecting each one.  So, what should you do today?

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Shelf Life of Food — Infographic

The Shelf Life of Food

We’ve all done it — you go on a shopping spree at the grocery store and buy all kinds of goodies, but a few weeks (or months!) later you find something in the back of the fridge and can’t remember, or tell, if it’s still god or not.  Today’s infographic puts most of the commonly used grocery items to the test, giving you their estimated lifespan on the shelf, refrigerator, and freezer (if you can freeze it). Don’t worry though, honey is still goof forever!  [VIA]

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Financial Football — Using Games to Teach Personal Finance

Financial Football

Teaching students about money and finances usually leads to lots of blank stares and confusion for all parties.  This leaves us with the challenge of finding new and exciting ways to deliver this important content, but not sounds like a news program to our students.  If you are in this same boat, you might want to try Financial Football, a great game that helps keep students interested and engaged while at the same time delivering relevant information.

Through a partnership with the NFL and Visa, Financial Football is essentially a series of videos and lessons themed for three levels ages 11 – adult that will teach students about personal finances.  At the end of these lessons, or as part of the lessons themselves, students can choose an NFL team to play as and then answer questions about what they’ve learned about their finances to move their team down field to score, or stop their opponent’s drive.  This aspect of Financial Football garners a healthy competition in students and encourages learning about this sometimes very dry subject.

Make sure that you check out the resources and lessons tabs as a teacher for good tools and readymade lesson plans for implementing and using Financial Football in your class.  Alternatively, set the students loose with this fun, yet very educational game that is sure to grab interest, especially in the midst of the NFL’s playoff season!

For those students not interested in the NFL or football, there is a similar game available that uses soccer as the platform that contains the same content as Financial Football.

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