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Video of the Day – 11/13/15 (The Biggest Organism on Earth)

Daily Video — “The Biggest Organism on Earth

From MinuteEarth, this very interesting video tries to answer the question, “What is the biggest living thing on Earth?”  It turns out that the answer is really based on how you define “biggest” and how you define an organism.  I found the answer very surprising and informative!

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Lifespans in the Animal Kingdom — Infographic

Lifespans in the Animal Kingdom

Today’s infographic is a great summary of the variety of life we see not only in the species and creatures in the world, but also the variety of  their lives.  It’s very interesting to see lifespans laid out in this way, and to see that humans really are essentially on the high end of the middle of the pack.  I am sure, however, as medicine and care advances we will see ourselves moving into the high end of lifespans.  Would you care to be like the immortal jellyfish though?  [VIA]

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It All Happens in One Minute – Infographic

20 Things That Happen in One Minute

We’ve all seen the graphics and sites about what occurs on the Internet in 60 seconds or how  much data can be created or transferred in that same minute, but what about what happens offline?  Today’s infographic takes a look at just what can happen in one minute around the world if we jump off our computers and mobile devices and take a look around. [VIA]

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