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20 Bizarre Foods From Around the World — Infographic

Bizarre World Eats

Some people are adventurous eaters — or they claim to be, but have they tried any of these delicacies from around the world?  From oysters that really aren’t, unique (to say the least) fish preparations, eggs cooked in pee, and just plain bugs, TasteAtlas put together this list of foods that rank up there as some of the most unusual, bizarre, and sometimes plain gross (to a non-local) foods from around the world.[VIA]

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State Mammals — Infographic

State Mammals

There are state flags, state mottos, state birds, state quarters, so why not take a look at state mammals too?  From dogs to whales, and even squirrels and raccoons, the mammals that each state chooses as being representative of them are as unique as the states themselves.  [VIA]

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Books Everyone Should Read – Infographic

Books Everyone Should Read

With summertime upon us and schools out for their lengthy break, that age old question (for me at least) comes up again — what to read to fill up these beautiful nights when I have no worries about lesson plans and early alarms?  Today’s infographic is a new twist on the traditional lists that we always see.  Several “must read lists” have been analyzed and a “consensus cloud” was created based on a book’s appearance on those lists.  As with most cloud style lists, the larger and bolder the term, or in this case title, the more frequently it has appeared.  What are you waiting for?  Let’s read! [VIA]

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