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Video of the Day – 4/19/13 (World’s First Electric Generator)

Daily Video — “World’s First Electric Generator

Today’s video looks at the physics of creating electricity.  Learn how running a magnet through a cooper pipe will result in changing magnetic fields the in turn can generate electricity and see an example of the original Faraday electromagnet that helped set the bar for modern electric generators.

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A World Without Magnets – Infographic

A Magnetless World

Sometimes they seem mystical, other times magical, but magnets are simply materials and minerals that have the ability to line up all their atoms in the same direction, allowing their positive and negative forces to attract other metals and minerals and make them stick.  Humans have come to rely on magnets and magnetism, and not just in the “opposites attract” world of relationships, for many things.  Today’s infographic helps point out just what the world would be like if we did not have magnets to aid and assist us.

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