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Psychology of Colors — Infographic

Psychology of Colors in Marketing

While this infographic by Louise Myers keys in on the marketing aspect of color choices, it is very interesting from the psychology standpoint as well.  If you want to ignore the use in marketing, or emphasize that as a product of psychology and mind manipulation, this is an interesting study in how we use and make associations based on colors.  [VIA]

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Color & Emotion Guide — Infographic

Color, Emotion, and Logos

Today’s infographic helps to illustrate the meaning and emotions conveyed by certain colors. It also highlights some corporate logos that utilize these colors to tap into these subconscious meanings. How many logos and companies have been successful in tapping into these emotions with their color schemes? [VIA]

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Video of the Day – 3/27/13 (The Art of Web Design)

Daily Video — “The Art of Web Design”

Today’s video from PBS covers the basic elements of how to design an appealing website.  A brief history of web design from HTML through CSS and Javascript is included, as well as why some elements of webpages are more appealing than others to the users.  This is a great brief intro to web design for marketing or business students, as well as programmers.

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Color in Marketing – Infographic

The Meaning of Color in Marketing

We all know that different color convey different meanings to our subconscious…and so do marketers.  If you look closely at advertisements, in all media, you will see that they take advantage of this fact in their campaigns.  Today’s inforgraphic helps to show how this marketing tool is so effective by explaining the meaning of come commonly used colors, their appeal worldwide, and how they are used to market products and services.

Courtesy of: Attwood Digital
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