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28 Odd Facts About the Human Body — Infographic

28 Odd Facts About the Human Body

The human body is a wonderful machine. Throughout the ages and the course of evolution, our bodies have been perfected into the temples they are today.  There are amazing things that take place inside us every day, and every day we learn even more amazing things our bodies are capable of, or how to improve them. [VIA]

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The Healing Power of the Purr – Infographic

The Healing Power of the Purr

Many medical professionals are touting the great benefits of pet therapy.  There is scientific evidence that pet owners live longer than those without furry friends, and there is even science behind why we feel better around animals.  Today’s infographic takes a look at that, showing the science behind the calming effect of your cat’s purr. [VIA]

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Photo of the Day – 11/14/13 (Baby in a Box, 1942)

Daily Photo — “Baby in a Box, 1942”

Use the photos posted in this feature for writing prompts, warm-up activities, drawing templates or as part of a photo analysis.

November 1942. “Babies’ Hospital, New York. Care of prematurely born babies is one of the most complicated procedures which must be learned by the student nurse. Feeding, bathing and diaper changing are carried on inside the incubator, in which temperature, humidity and oxygen must be carefully regulated. The oxygen tank can be seen in the background.” Photo by Fritz Henle. (VIA: Shorpy)

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The Most Influential People in the USA – Infographic

Made in the USA

Since the first colonists set foot in what is now the United States, Americans have been constantly innovating, inventing, discovering, and adapting.  Many of these inventions, innovations, and discoveries have directly impacted our daily lives both nationally and internationally.  Today’s infographic takes a brief look at some of the most influential of these Americans. [VIA]

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Deadliest Pandemics – Infographic

Outbreak! The World’s Deadliest Pandemics

Since the beginning of recorded history through today, mankind has dealt with deadly disease.  When the number of people afflicted by a specific disease exceed the expected norm of recent history, it is classified as an epidemic.  When that disease begins to affect a significant population, it can be classified as a pandemic.  Today’s infographic examines some of the deadliest pandemics in world history, some of which have died out or been cured but others still haunt us today. [VIA]

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