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The History of Income Taxes — Infographic

The History of Income Taxes

On Friday, we posted an infographic on funeral and burial customs — half of Ben Franklin’s death and taxes.  Well, it’s jsut fair that we look at the other half — taxes.  Today’s infographic takes a brief look at the history of income taxes in the United States.  [VIA]

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Hand-Made v. Factory-Made — Infographic

Hand-Made v. Factory-Made

We live in an industrialized, automated, consumption society today, there’s no way around it.  However, there has been a recent trend to try to lower your costs and expenses by buying hand-made products over those that are mass-produced.  This infographic takes a look at some relative costs between similar hand-made items over those that are factory-produced.  I know I will buy some things hand-made as boutique purchases, and they are generally higher quality, but you can’t deny the cost-effectiveness of the mass produced products either.  [VIA]

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The History of Money — Infographic

The History of Money

I want money, lots and lots of money!

Since the beginning of time, mankind has used some form of currency, whether it be trading goods you had for something of your neighbors, to precious metals and paper notes, to new electronic forms of payment.  Whatever your preferred method of paying, the need for money in some way, shape, or form is unavoidable and throughout history has constantly changed.  Today’s infographic walks us through a brief history of the money we use and have used in the past.  [VIA]

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Happy Holidays!

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How the Federal Reserve Works – Infographic

How the Federal Reserve Works

Every time there is economic news we always read or hear about the Federal Reserve, but how many of us really know what it really does or what is actually accomplishes (which may be nothing, depending who you ask!).  Today’s infographic goes into great detail about the history and function of the Federal Reserve banking system, even if it’s less “visual” than the title would have you believe.  [VIA]

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