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Nuclear Weapons – Infographic

Nuclear Weapons

From Little Boy in Hiroshima to today’s so-called “pocket nukes”, nuclear weapons, their use, and eventual destruction have been foremost on the minds of any nation for close to the past 70 years.  Today’s infographic gives some interesting (and startling) facts about these devices. [VIA]

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Video of the Day – 4/3/13 (Exploding H-Bombs in Space)

Daily Video — “Exploding H-Bombs in Space

This shirt video from NPR uses old newsreel footage from 1950s hydrogen bomb tests to highlight ” the greatest man-made light show we never want to see again” — live nuclear tests in the upper atmosphere.

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Nukes Ready to Fly — Infographic

The World’s Nuclear Arsenal

From Canada’s National Post, today’s infographic shows the scary prospect of the world’s available nuclear arsenal as of May, 2012.  Not only is every weapon explained in the key around the graphic, but the added visual of every warhead pointed toward the Earth drives home the reality of what these devices are capable of.

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