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What Is the Future of Meat? — Infographic

What is the Future of Meat?

As science in general, and food science specifically change with out evolving world and societal norms, it’s no surprise that some have been working on finding new food sources, especially meat products, that are innovative and able to provide us with nourishment without sacrificing thousands of animals.  From lab-grown meat products, to insect and plant proteins, today’s infographic looks at some of these innovations and how we might be getting out meat products in the future. [VIA]

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10 Things You Can Eat Around Your Home or Garden — Infographic

10 Things You Can Eat Around Your Home or Garden (But Probably Won’t)

One of the biggest New Years resolutions people tend to have is to eat better, or healthier.  This got me thinking about what we could eat, and I stumbled upon this infographic.  Below is a list of 10 things that are actually edible in your home or garden, along with serving suggestions and calorie counts.  Somehow I doubt I will be rushing home to dig in though.  I would have to be mighty desperate to dig into my old belt or a box of chalk!  [VIA]

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Happy Holidays!

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Master Your Muscles — Infographic

Master Your Muscles

The human body has over 600 muscles, and it’s important to keep them all moving to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle.  Today’s infographic gives a wonderful breakdown of the major muscle groups, and the best exercises to keep each group healthy and strong.  If you visit the author’s page at Decibel Nutrition, they also break down these exercises and give you video tutorials for successfully completing them.

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Essential Vitamins and Minerals – Infographic

Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Every once in a while we all need reminders about our health and eating healthy and making sure we get all the proper nutrients in us.  Today’s infographic is that gentle nudge!  It examines the essential vitamins and minerals, how to tell if you are deficient in any of them and where to find them in nature.  I think a trip to the produce stand is in order! [VIA]

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Various Varieties of Fruits – Infographic

Various Varieties of Fruits

If there’s one thing that I love in the summer aside from fresh vegetables, it’s fresh fruit.  (And ice cream, and water ice, and salt water taffy, and….well, you get the idea!)  To help satisfy curiosity, if not appetite, the folks and Pop Chart Labs have created a new infographic similar to their Various Variety of Vegetables poster.  See how different fruits are inter-related through both common traits and geographical location.  If you enjoy this, or the vegetables graphic, prints are available at Pop Chart Labs for purchase.  [VIA]

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The Effects and Benefits of Spices – Infographic

The Effects and Benefits of Spices

I’m not sure about you, but I love spicy, flavorful foods.  Spices have been known throughout time as a valuable commodity and have even been used as currency in different cultures.  In fact, the cuisines of most of these cultures are almost wholly defined by the spices they use.  It has also been known for a long time that there are certain health benefits to having specific spices in your diet.  Today’s infographic breaks down some of the effects and benefits these spices have and how they work in maintaining a health diet and physique. [VIA]

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Various Varieties of Vegetables – Infographic

Varieties of Vegetables

With summer just about upon us a wonderful thing is beginning to happen, at least here in South Jersey.  Roadside farmstands are beginning to pop up everywhere!  From the larger farmer’s markets to the simple picnic tables on a front lawn, all of these provide the freshest vegetables and fruits available.  It got me thinking about the wide variety of produce that was actually available and today’s infographic fed that need for me.  With over 400 crops displayed, this large chart shows the wonderful variety available among both the very common and very unusual vegetables that you may see at your own local market. [VIA]

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