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Caffeine vs. Calories — Infographic

“Buzz” v. “Bulge”

If you are anything like me, you need your daily dose of caffeine to function, but are desperately trying (in my case someone unsuccessfully) to watch your caloric intake and “battle the bulge”.  Have you ever considered the number of calories that are in some of our “high octane” caffeinated beverages though?  Today’s infographic tries to put this in a little perspective, showing some of the most popular drinks with corresponding food items and exercises needed to burn off those calories. (Low calorie, high caffeine drinks in the upper left to high caffeine, low calories drinks in the lower right.  Well balanced beverages hang toward the middle of the graph. [VIA]

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How Much Do Humans Eat in a Lifetime? — Infographic

How Much Do Humans Really Eat?

We’re always being told what foods are good for us and which are bad.  I know that I am constantly fighting with temptation and how much I actually eat and what I eat all in the name of losing lots of weight and keeping healthy.  Usually this is something that I monitor and watch from meal to meal, but I’ve never thought about just how much I really eat over the course of my entire life.  Today’s infographic helps to break our food intake down a little. [VIA]

Food over a lifetime infographic

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The 13 Essential Vitamins and Where to Find Them — Infographic

13 Essential Vitamins

Good food and nutrition is essential for loving a long, healthy life.  We are always faced with the daunting task of not only eating a well-balanced diet with the right amounts of vitamins and minerals, paired with exercise to make sure we’re talking the best care of our bodies.  Sometimes this means taking some multi-vitamins or supplements to help reach our nutritional goals and needs.  Todays infographic is meant to help teach not only what are considered the 13 essential vitamins for good health, but also what foods contain them so we can now try to break free of the pill bottle and move toward more healthy living! [VIA]

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