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8 Entrepreneurial Skills To Teach Kids — Infographic

8 Entrepreneurial Skills To Teach Our Kids

We all know that successful entrepreneurs are as successful as they are because they possess a wide variety of skills, both tangible and intangible.  They also have the midset that life is simply a series of challenges to overcome and that setbacks only make us stronger.  If we teach kids some of these skills early in life, we set them up for greater successes in the future.  [VIA]

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How to Build a Human — Infographic

How to Build A Human

From fertilization to birth this fantastic animated infographic from Eleanor Lutz at walks you through the key steps of embryonic and fetal development.  Fantastic for health or parenting classes, and a real treat to see something different in an animated graphic!  [VIA]

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Video of the Day – 4/29/13 (Pavlovian Reactions)

Daily Video — “Pavlov’s Reactions Aren’t Just for Dogs

From TED, today’s video looks at the stimuli reactions measured by Pavlov in the early 20th century and applies the theory and reasoning to humans.  See how we all have Pavlovian type reactions to parents, romantic interests, and food.

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