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The Best Job For Your Personality Type — Infographic

The Best Job For Your Personality Type

Running with the theme from yesterday’s infographic, today’s looks at what the best career for you might be based on that personality type.  Many times we take these tests, or take job aptitude tests to see what our ideal career might be, and it really does say a lot about our future success and happiness if we are in careers that fit these aptitudes and attitudes. [VIA]

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Famous Personality Types — Infographic

Famous Personality Types

Anyone familiar with psychology has probably taken the Jung/Briggs Myers personality typology test and found out their four letter personality type.  If you haven’t, then you can take a version here and see where you fall in one of the 16 possible types. (I am ISTJ!) Sometimes you feel like you are the only person in the world like this, however.  But be not afraid, you are not alone.  Today’s infographic breaks down the personality types and some famous figures who have those types.  You might be surprised who you are simlilar to, or who is similar to each other.  Who knew Kayne West and Mother Teresa or Angelina Jolie and Donald Trump, or Einstein and Tina Fey all shared similar personalities with each other?  [VIA]

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