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The Healing Power of the Purr – Infographic

The Healing Power of the Purr

Many medical professionals are touting the great benefits of pet therapy.  There is scientific evidence that pet owners live longer than those without furry friends, and there is even science behind why we feel better around animals.  Today’s infographic takes a look at that, showing the science behind the calming effect of your cat’s purr. [VIA]

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The Annual Cost of Pets – Infographic

Annual Cost of Pets

We all love our four (and two) legged furry (and feathered) friends.  Some people even love no legged, scaly friends!  Have you ever really thought of how much it costs to keep our pets their healthiest and happiest each year, however?  Today’s infographic calculates the average annual costs for various household pets including several sizes of dogs, cats, birds, and reptiles.  This would be an excellent study in class about budgeting and calculating averages as a compare/contrast activity. [VIA]

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The Evolution of the Dog – Infographic

From Wolf to Wag – The Evolution of the Dog

Most households at some point have includes (or want to include — especially among the kids) a dog at some point.  They are considered the most loyal and intelligent companions we can have and this may explain their popularity as pets, workers, and companions throughout history.  Today’s infographic walks through the history of the dog, from its grey wolf beginnings through the ways in which they were bred to display certain traits, and some of the more popular breeds today.  [VIA]

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Video of the Day – 4/11/13 (Why Do Cats Purr?)

Daily Video — “Why Do Cats Purr?

From Sci Show, today’s video examines the science of and the meaning behind your cat’s purr.  Does your cat really love you and is happy to show it, or is there something else behind that revving feline motor?

All videos are owned by their respective YouTube channels and users and are embedded here for your benefit to use in class in compliance with the appropriate copyright provisions.
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First Pets — Infographic

Presidential Pets

We all know that it’s the “First Family” that occupies the White House.  But, like most of us, our families are not just us and the kids, but also our pets.  From George Washington to Barack Obama, animals have always been a part of most Presidential families.  Today’s infographic takes a look at the history of the country’s First Pets. [VIA]

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Cats v. Dogs — Infographic

Cats vs. Dogs

It’s an age-old question and debate — Are you a dog person or a cat person? (Unfortunately at the moment, the Biblio household is neither.)  Just how different are our furry friends though and what does being a cat or dog person say about us?  Today’s infographic touches on that.  [VIA]

Cats v. Dogs

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Strange Facts About Cats — Infographic

Strange Facts About Cats

Cats.  You either love them or hate em — or they love you or hate you — either way, you have to admit, they are rather unique creatures and definitely individuals!  Today’s infographic is a collection of “str4ange” facts about cats from

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