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Dr. Seuss Quotes That Can Change Your Life – Infographic

The Wisdom of Dr. Seuss

I’ve often found that the most profound wisdom and thoughts can come from the most unlikely of sources and most often are right under our noses.  This is truly the case when you look at the writing of Theodore Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss.  The simplest of stories can often have the greatest and longest lasting impact on us.  Today’s infographic presents 30 short quotes from Dr. Seuss that, if taken to heart, could have that kind of life-changing impact. [VIA]

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Essential Skeleton — Interactive Anatomy

Essential Skeleton

I stumbled upon this app one day in the App Store and haven’t been able to stop playing with is since.  Essential Skeleton is a fantastic app for students studying human anatomy, especially the skeletal system, or any student interested in how the human body functions.

Using Essential Skeleton is very easy and a short tutorial at each open will guide students through the proper finger gestures to manipulate their skeleton.  Students can zoom in or out on a full human skeleton, as well as rotate it 360° to view she skeletal system from any angle.

When a student selects a bone to view in Essential Skeleton, it will highlight green and an information bubble will appear giving the common and Latin names of the bone with an option to have those read for proper pronunciation.  Students can also hide or fade the bone (or those surrounding it) for different views.  Clicking on the blue “i” in the bubble opens a more detailed view with information on the function and purpose of the bone as well as 6 more close-up views.

Essential Skeleton is part of a larger series by the company 3D4Medical whose other apps include the muscular and nervous systems as well as more detailed apps for the heart, brain, and even teeth.

Also of interest:  Check out 3D4Medical’s Images app for great photos and scans of all anatomical systems.

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Video of the Day – 2/19/13 (What’s Invisible?)

Daily Video — What’s Invisible? More Than You Think…

It’s amazing to think about just how little we can see, but how much it all matters — in our perception and reality; in science, psychology and consciousness — “Everything that matters”.  Today’s video helps show us just how little we do know and how much really is invisible.

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