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Fears and Phobias — Infographic

Fears and Phobias

We all have something we are afraid of, be it a small fear, or a life crippling phobia.  Today’s infographic takes a look at some of these, breaking down the types of phobias we might have, our body’s reaction to them, as well as how we can cure them.  [VIA]

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Fear of the Dark – Infographic

Why Are We Afraid of the Dark?

Many people, kids especially, cite the dark as the one thing they are most afraid of.  What causes this fear, however? Are we genetically disposed to this fear or is it more psychological? Perhaps crime statistics have something to do with it, or maybe some other factors.  Today’s infographic presents some research and theories into why this is such a common and long-lived fear.

Fear of the Dark - An Infographic by

Fear of the Dark: An Infographic by

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