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Video of the Day – 3/14/13 (Calculating Pi with Real Pies)

Daily Video — “Calculating Pi with Real Pies”

The gents at Numberphile have outdone themselves again!  Check out this fantastic, fun video where they attempt to calculate the actual value of pi using one of my favorite things — real pies!! 🙂  (Make sure you check out the run-time too, those sneaky buggers!)

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Happy Pi Day — Infographic

All You Wanted to Know About Pi

March 14. 3/14. 3.14 Pi Day! Today is the day that the math teachers in my building live for, and there is a full slate of activities planned in all their classes. How much do we really know about pi, however? I know I am still caught in the trap that when I hear the word, all I can think of are delicious circles of Apple or Coconutty goodness — which makes me half right, I suppose! Today’s infographic helps to explain some of the properties of pi, as well as its many applications in mathematics and engineering. [VIA]


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Photo(s) of the Day – 3/14/13 (Nature’s Circles)

Daily Photos — “Nature’s Circles”

Use the photos posted in this feature for writing prompts, warm-up activities, drawing templates or as part of a photo analysis


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