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Tomorrow’s World – Infographic

Predicting the Future of Tech

We’d all love to know just what the future holds, especially in terms of the technological advances we might see.  Today’s infographic takes a speculative look (with odds of occurrence) for different events that we might see come in the next 100 years.  [VIA]

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The Future (According to Films) – Infographic

The Future According to Films

With summer (and its new movies) almost upon us I thought that today’s infographic would be a fun way to look and see if there is something you might like to add to your queue or “must watch list”.  As films look into the future, there is a fair share  of both dystopia and very cool science that occurs.  However, when will these things happen and how should we best prepare.  Michael Hobson decided to take a look at some of the most popular futuristic films and place them in a timeline to give you not only an idea of their context to each other, but also how much longer we have before these various alien invasions and multiple ends of the world. [VIA]

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Video of the Day – 4/5/13 (Can We Predict Earthquakes?)

Daily Video — “Can We Predict Earthquakes?

Today’s video attempts to answer the question as to whether or not earthquakes are predictable   Explained are some methods used to attempt to predict earthquakes and why these are generally unreliable and why it is nearly impossible for science to currently make accurate predictions for where earthquakes may strike.

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Failed Tech Predictions — Infographic

Failed Tech Predictions (and Some That Came True)

Since the begging of time we’ve looked to the future and wondered what the world will be like so many years from now.  How many of those predictions actually come to fruition however?  Today’s infographic takes a look at the predictions of those seers and futurists and then gives us the reality of the technological advancements we’ve made. [VIA]

Failed Predictions

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