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Photo of the Day – 12/14/16 (“Time for Lunch”, 1943)

Daily Photo — “Time for Lunch, 1943”

Use the photos posted in this feature for writing prompts, warm-up activities, drawing templates or as part of a photo analysis.

This would make a wonderful comparison to the modern lunches your students eat!  How much has changed and stayed the same?  Think you could get that plate for 15 cents in 2016??  Another fun comparison or tie in would be to look at some school lunches from around the world here.

May 1943. “Keysville, Virginia. Randolph Henry High School cafeteria. Typical lunch for 15 cents: candied yams, macaroni and cheese, fruit salad, deviled eggs, dessert and milk. Milk is free and children can have as much as they want.” Photo by Philip Bonn for the Office of War Information. 

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School Lunch from Around the World — Infographic

School Lunch From Around the World

I can’t help it, I love to eat, but not always the school lunches we get here at work.  I know that the kids feel the same way too.  I think what’s a little off-putting is that I can remember eating basically the same things we have now as I did when I was a student more years ago than I would like to admit.  The more you think about it, however, the more it turns out that we have an American “traditional” school lunch, since the basics (PB&J, chicken nuggets, meatloaf, chicken patty, etc.) have remained unchanged for so long and is pretty standard across the country.  Today’s infographic shares a few of the traditional school lunches from other nations, as all have traditional staples and foods in not only schools, but at home.  It does make me wonder if these students get as sick of their selections as American students though.  [VIA]

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