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Natural Insomnia Cures — Infographic

Natural Insomnia Cures

From the company Mattress Clarity, check out this list of 20 natural remedies for insomnia.  While there are many causes (and “cures”) for sleeplessness, both natural and in chemical form, the degree of scientific support for these all vary greatly. Of course with that disclaimer know your results may vary. [VIA]

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Secret to Better Sleep – Infographic

Sleep Secrets

We all need sleep.  Not only does it help recharge your batteries and promote good health, but it has also been proven that naps during the day can help reduce stress and increase productivity in workers. (Hint, hint bosses out there!)  Today’s infographic explores the science of sleep, examining what happens when we get too little sleep, some sleep disorders, as well as ways to get a better night’s sleep — or catch that quick nap here and there! [VIA]

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