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The Selfie Syndrome – Infographic

Is Social Media Making us Narcissistic?

Narcissism is the preoccupation with one’s self, self image, and an obsession with how they are perceived by others.  One of the downfalls of increased use of social media is an increase in the number of people putting themselves “out there” to the world.  Feeding off the reactions and praise of others can be good for self-image and self-worth, but it can also have a negative impact on one’s emotional health and well-being.

Today’s infographic points out some of the signs and signals of narcissism and the negative impact that social media (focusing on Facebook and Twitter) is having on many. [VIA]

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A History of Social Media – Infographic

History of Social Media

If you think that social media started with Facebook and Twitter (or even MySpace, remember that?) then you don’t know the half of it!!  Both of today’s social media giants are relative newcomers to the game.  From Arpanet in 1969 to billions of mobile users today, social media is constantly changing and evolving and doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all.  Today’s infographic was designed by Karim Benyagoub (@karim_designs) for Cendrine Marrouat and originally published on Creative Ramblings.  If you’d like to chat about it, I have my original ICQ number around here somewhere! 🙂

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How Is Media Affecting Kids? – Infographic

How Is Media Affecting Kids?

Media and technology are completely embedded in our lives today and we rely on it to such an extent that some people have even been known to show withdrawal symptoms if their cell phones are taken away!  Today’s youth are no exception to the rule, as they are exposed to these devices and the media from birth. Today’s infographic examines the effects of this exposure on children ages 0-8 and how it might be affecting their development.


How Is Media Affecting Kids?
Source: Early Childhood Education Degrees


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Video of the Day – 4/2/14 (Animated GIFs: The Birth of a Medium)

Daily Video — “Animated GIFs: The Birth of a Medium

From PBS, learn the history of the .gif file format and how it is quickly becoming a new online art form driven by social media sites.  Moving from the pixellated images of the late 1980s to modern cinemagraphs, see how thee files are being used by artists and not just for dancing babies and cats anymore!

All videos are owned by their respective YouTube channels and users and are embedded here for your benefit to use in class in compliance with the appropriate copyright provisions.
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What Happens in an Internet Minute? – Infographic

Just One Minute…

My three year old son is great for the phrase “just one more minute” when he’s trying to buy a little extra time playing with his trains or trying to avoid bedtime.  It’s amazing how that minute can seem like an eternity to a toddler, but nothing at all to us.  Just how much can really happen in a minute though?  Today’s infographic from Intel takes some recent data and re-examines just how much happens on the Internet every 60 seconds. [VIA]

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Data Creation by the Minute — Infographic

Data Created In One Minute

As we all become more technologically inclined and savvy, the amount of data that is generated, stored, or published on the Internet continues to expand exponentially and is showing no signs of stopping.  Today’s infographic shows just how much information is created each minute of every day. [VIA]

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