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You Want to Lose Your Ears? – Infographic

You Said What??

Too many times today I walk past students (and some adults) and am always hearing their music through earbuds or what are supposedly noise reduction headphones — they are supposed to work both ways, right?  Today’s infographic helps to illustrate just how much damage some sounds can do to our hearing, from the sounds of the Grand Canyon at night to a rocket launch. [VIA]

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How Loud is Too Loud — Inforgraphic

What Did You Say???

I know I have lots of trouble hearing sometimes — just ask my wife.  Have you ever thought about how much damage is done to your ears, however, by that are seemingly everyday sounds?  Today’s inforgraphic helps look at that, showing how sound is measured, some of the loudest sounds, the loudest concerts (all by bands formed over 35 years ago!) and other unique facts about sound. [VIA]

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