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The Map of Mathematics — Infographic

The Map of Mathematics

When are we going to use this?  Why do we learn this?  How much math is really out there?  This interesting map of mathematics was created to show just how wide reaching and diverse the field of mathematics really can be.  From learning to count to simple arithmetic into more advanced areas like calculus and differential geometry to practical applications like statistics, game theory and even economics, this chart has it all.  Make sure to check out the wonderful video explaining it all, linked below.   [VIA]

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Video explanation:

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Video of the Day – 11/10/15 (Winning at Rock Paper Scissors)

Daily Video — “Winning at Rock Paper Scissors

From the Numberphile YouTube Channel, this video looks at statistics, probability, and game theory as well as human behavior to provide you an almost(?) unbeatable strategy for winning at Rock-Paper-Scissors.  (No mention about Lizard & Spock)

All videos are owned by their respective YouTube channels and users and are embedded here for your benefit to use in class in compliance with the appropriate copyright provisions.
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Have Phones Killed the Conversation? – Infographic

Have Phones Killed the Conversation?

At this point, we probably all have a smartphone, or at least a semi-intelligent phone, in our pockets.  I always find it curious how the actual “phone” aspect of these devices has fallen to the wayside, however.  In fact, the whole concept of personal, live interaction seems to be taking a dip in recent years.  Today’s infographic shows the statistics behind this trend, as well as ways to combat the loss of personal interaction, and some disturbing statistics about the dangers of cell phone use. [VIA]

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It All Happens in One Minute – Infographic

20 Things That Happen in One Minute

We’ve all seen the graphics and sites about what occurs on the Internet in 60 seconds or how  much data can be created or transferred in that same minute, but what about what happens offline?  Today’s infographic takes a look at just what can happen in one minute around the world if we jump off our computers and mobile devices and take a look around. [VIA]

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Then and Now – 1913 v. 2013 – Infographic

1913 v. 2013

As we approach the halfway point of 2013, let’s take a look back at life today compared to that of 100 years ago.  We’re beginning to enter an age now when 100 years ago was relatively modern by most standards in technology and entertainment, leading to many more tangible comparisons we can easily relate to, or even have access to, such as the top movies or songs.  Today’s infographic gives us a snapshot of life as it is today in 2013 and was in 1913 in the United States.

100 Years of Change


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Time of Your Life — Infographic

How Much Time is Yours?

We constantly hear statistics that certain activities, that when the minutes are added up, take up several years of our lives.  What if you were to add all of those activities together?  Statistically — how much time in our lives is unaccounted for and “left over” at the end to use as we please? (Statistically speaking)  Today’s infographic helps put it all in perspective.  [VIA]

Countdown of Life


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