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Sci-Fi or Fantasy? – Infographic

Choosing the Best Sci-Fi or Fantasy Book

I love these top number or best of lists for everything, especially books.  Two years ago, NPR came out with the Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy books as chosen by their listeners.  For most people familiar with these genres, you may have read or at least heard of most of the books and series on this list.  For the uninitiated, or for someone looking for a book that’s a little different off this list, where should they start.  Today’s infographic is a fabulous flowchart and will help you navigate the list and find the perfect Science Fiction or Fantasy book for you.  Why not give it a try and add a few to your summer reading list? [VIA]

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101 Summer Reading Books – Infographic

101 Great Summer Reading Books

If you’re like me, your summer is full of great times outdoors, traveling, and of course books!  Today’s infographic is a neat and different approach to the “Best Books” lists.  Just follow the flow chart to see excellent reads in both fiction and non-fiction and in all genres both classic and contemporary for both young adults and adult readers.  There’s something here that should appeal to everyone and you’ll be sure to have plenty to read this summer! [VIA]

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