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Artwork of the Day – 11/19/15 (Red Sun, Arthur Dove)

Daily Artwork — “Red Sun, Arthur Dove, 1935”

Use the images posted in this feature for writing prompts, warm-up activities, drawing templates or as part of an artwork critique.

1935 — Red Sun.  Oil paint on canvas. Abstract Art and Expressionism styles. Arthur Dove (1880-1946). Phillips Collection, Washington DC, USA.
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Video of the Day – 11/16/15 (Why Is the Solar System Flat?)

Daily Video — “Why Is the Solar System Flat?”

From the MinutePhysics YouTube Channel, this video explains why the planets in our solar system orbit on a flat plane, rather than zipping around the sun in any direction they choose.

All videos are owned by their respective YouTube channels and users and are embedded here for your benefit to use in class in compliance with the appropriate copyright provisions.
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Sunstorms — Infographic


I’ve heard a lot about solar flares and sunstorms lately and their ability to wreak havoc on the world’s electronics and computer networks.  I have always been amazed about the power of nature, both here on Earth and in space.  Today’s infographic helps to break down the different types of activity we can observe on the sun and what it might mean to us in the future. [VIA]

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