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The Meaning Behind Famous Symbols — Infographic

The Meaning Behind Famous Symbols

We see symbols everywhere, and they have a language and meaning all their own.  From the more established (and famous) as shown below, to the emojis of today, we use symbols all the time to convey messages in a simple, concise way.  But where did some of these long-established and well-known symbols originate and what do they really mean?  [VIA]

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Laundry Symbols — Infographic

Laundry Symbols

We encounter signs and symbols everyday, and while most are easy to recognize, some we have no clue what they might mean.  Have you ever looked at the tag in your clothing?  Aside from having information about the materials the garment is made from and where it was manufactured, there are also some basic washing instructions and sometimes assorted symbols, but what do they mean?  Today’s infographic is a chart of those symbols.  It can be a great addition to a lesson on symbolic language, deciphering code, or general household/life skills information. [VIA]

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Flowers and What they Symbolize – Infographic

Flowers and What They Symbolize

Just about everyone I know loves flowers, especially my wife and mom.  I can never fail with that gift.  However, I never really thought about the meaning of some of the various flowers that are available in bouquets.  Like many things, different flowers convey different meanings, whether on their own, or as part of a bouquet or, as I learned are meant for specific family members over others.  Today’s infographic helps break down these meanings and the symbolism of flowers. [VIA]

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Culture and Colors – Infographic

What Colors Mean to Different Cultures

Every culture expresses themselves differently, whether it be through words, signs, gestures, or symbols.  This is no different when it comes to color.  For example, in the US (and most western cultures) we associate the color red with danger, but for the Native Americans it’s yellow.  We get the blues when we’re unhappy, but the Japanese see black.  Today’s data packed infographic gives a fantastic insight into the ways that different cultures perceive their emotions through color. [VIA]

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