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15 Funny Facts About Real Teachers – Infographic

15 Funny Facts About Real Teachers

As many of us are enjoying one of the last Fridays of summer break (or one of the first Fridays of the school year), I thought it would be fun to share a list of facts about “real” teachers and educators.  Happy school year 2013-14!! [VIA]

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Teaching America: A Glimpse at the Teaching Profession – Infographic

Teaching America

As almost all of us in education know, the duties of a teacher do not end when the bell rings.  There are often other activities, duties, preparations, advising, and tutoring that go on “off hours” and are often left out of the discussions when comparing teaching to other professions or assessing just how much work goes into being an educator.  Today’s infographic looks at some recent surveys and studies and breaks down the numbers as it pertains to teaching. [VIA]

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American Schools: 1950s to Today — Infographic

America’s Schools

I love seeing and am always fascinated by the “what happened in…” or “a day in the life…” items that compare how things were in the past to what we are experiencing every day in the present.  Today’s infographic takes a peek at the state of American schools today compared to how they were 60 years ago! [VIA]

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