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Inventors of Everyday Technology — Infographic

The Inventors of Everyday Technology

They’re the things we use everyday and often take for granted, but at one time, none of these things existed.  From potato chips to airplanes; indoor plumbing to cars, these technologies at one time were created and then perfected by someone, but who?  Today’s infographic takes a look at the people and things behind the tech we use every day of our lives.  [VIA]

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Education & Technology Through the Ages — Infographic

Education & Technology Through the Ages

We always say that we’re continually learning, and this has been true from pre-history on.  Whether it’s learning to walk, hunt, paint, or program a computer, learning has always been taking place.  It’s just the means and technologies that change over time.  [VIA]

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13 Failed Predictions That Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong — Infographic

13 Failed Predictions That Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong

We are always looking toward the future, and humans always believe that we can predict what will happen there.  From the large to the small, predictions have been made about what will come, and while some were spot on, others have missed the mark totally.  Today we look at 13 of these predictions of the future that were way off base.  [VIA]

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What Is Your Acromyn IQ? — Infographic

What is Your Acronym IQ?

Test-speak and emojis are creeping into more and more areas of our life, even to the point that they’ve entered the dictionary as words in their own right.  How many of these do you really know though?  Try this fun game to see how many you either know or can guess and see how far you can make it on the path.  Check out the interesting “Did You Know” bits as well.  A score is found at the bottom!  How did you score?  [VIA]

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Art of the Day – 12/20/16 (The Daughters Of Pelichtim, Paul Serusier)

Daily Artwork — “The Daughters of Pelichtim, Paul Serusier, 1908”

Use the images posted in this feature for writing prompts, warm-up activities, drawing templates or as part of an artwork critique.

1980 — The Daughters of Pelichtim.  Oil on Canvas.  Synthetism style. Paul Serusier (1864-1927).  Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France.
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Return to My Roots — App & Site Reviews

Return to My Roots — App & Site Reviews

It’s been a long time since I really dedicated myself to the idea of providing links and reviews to different educational apps and websites that you can use in your library or instruction.  This occurred for a multitude of reasons, namely my growing young family took up a lot of my free time (as they should!) and some volatility in my own employment between moving and finding the right fit in a school district and library.

Fortunately both of these have settled down a great deal and I want to get back into the swing.  I have to admit, I was putting this off a little bit until I attended a great Bureau of Education & Research (BER) Seminar on Monday — “Making the Best use of Technology in Your School Library Program to Support Instruction and Enrich Student Learning” with Deborah Ford.  Because my former district was not too keen on sending me out for seminars, trainings, and workshops, I found that I had missed out a lot on the technology end since leaving Palmyra where my tech side was encouraged in 2013.  Now at Cumberland Regional, where my inner techie again is being encouraged and fed, I feel the ability to grow and thrive and share and learn again.  Frankly, it’s exciting and I need more hours in my day!

While I work through trying and testing the various websites, apps, and tools I was introduced to on Monday (there are so many!!!) I’ll make sure I share them here as I plan and test them out to turnkey to my colleagues here at CRHS.  Thank you BER and Deb Ford for re-kindling this in me!

Thanks so much for hanging in and for your continued support.  I can’t wait to share and hopefully find something that YOU can use and love as your work through your own teaching and planning.

If you ever have any concerns, questions, or comments — plesae never hesitate to contact me!


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