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Video of the Day – 11/29/16 (The Simple Solution to Traffic)

Daily Video — “The Simple Solution to Traffic”

Today’s video comes from CGP Grey and finishes our traffic and car theme for today. It helps walk through some of the most common traffic related problems and why we can sometimes experience backups that appear out of nowhere!  If you’ve ever driven (or will drive!) you’ll have to deal with traffic sooner or later.  Maybe knowing why it pops up can make it a little easier to deal with?  …no, I didn’t really buy that either.

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Traffic Simulator

Traffic Simulator


Sticking with today’s theme of traffic and car related materials, Traffic Simulator gives you and your students a chance to see how slight changes in road systems, driving patterns, and other factors can lead to major back-ups on our roadways.

The initial pattern on the website is a steady circle of traffic (ring road), and you can manipulate different factors such as the total number of cars on the road, the number of those that are trucks, and the acceleration of those vehicles to show how each affects the traffic in a closed system.  Once you’ve played with that and messed up rush hour, you can try the other traffic patterns, such as adding an on-ramp (above), off-ramp, construction, hill, or detour to see how each can also change the traffic.  Different elements can again be manipulated to test the roads and demonstrate how different factors can lead to traffic nightmares.

Explanations of some of the physics and psychology of traffic are provided through the links on the sidebar, as well as different ways to use the simulation.  Traffic Simulator is a wonderful tool for seeing how traffic patterns can shift and change and what affects them, as well as providing students with some problem solving as they work through how to alleviate the traffic and find the ideal conditions for each roadway.

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