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How Strong Is Your Password? (Infographic)

How Strong Is Your Password?

As we move more and more into a web-based, cloud computing world there is a greater need to secure our information, both personal and professional.  How do you create a strong password while still making sure it is one that you will remember?  This is one of the conundrums that face us because more online data and information storage invites more people seeking to get to that information in unsavory ways.

Today’s infographic details examples of good and bad (strong and weak) passwords and some common passwords to avoid at all costs — is one of them yours?


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Free Flash Keyboarding Practice


Have you or your students ever wanted to try to become better typists, especially using a real-time and FREE program? helps you with this by providing a free flash based typing program that can help them learn using real-life typing drills, opposed to typing repetitive nonsense letter combinations that can become boring after time.

Choose from three different settings:

  • Random text – Keybr chooses text that reads similar to a captcha, but provides common letter combinations for practice.  Here you can also select from 3 different levels of difficultly that will slowly introduce new keys to the students over time.
  • Custom text – You can upload your own text document to control what the students are typing, or to track progress over time on the same document.
  • Website/Blog – Select any website or blog site and keybr will upload the text into the typing drill so you or your students can copy that for practice.

The best part of this site, aside from the free component, is that it can be fully customizable by you, through a simple signup and login.  Students will like this because it plays like a game, continually keeping track of a student’s words typed per minute and “score” as well as tracking their most frequently missed keys, allowing them to refine their practice and drills in the future.

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Patrick’s Just Math Tutorials

Just Math Tutorials

Short, sweet and to the point.  That’s how many students want their information today, and Partick provides just that for math.  A college instructor of mathematic for over 15 years, Partick has created a series of literally hundreds of math tutorials for all levels from basic arithmetic through algebra, trigonometry, calculus to the complex subject of differential equations.  There’s even a little probability and statistics thrown in for good measure.

If you have a student who just “doesn’t get it” when it comes to some of the principles, theorems, or practices in your math class, this is a great resource to have.  Sometimes having a different explanation can help.  Sometimes a different presentation format is the key.  Perhaps viewing something like this several times is the key for that student to understand the concepts.  Patrick can handle it all for you.  With his quirky nature, right down to the masking tape on his “nerd” glasses, he is able to quickly and succinctly explain complicated mathematical concepts for students and adults alike.

The homepage of JMT utilizes a menu bar across the top to allow you to select the course you would like help in.  Once to that section of the page, the tutorials follow a basic outline from the simplest concepts through to the more complicated.  Clicking a link will take you to a second page where an embedded video will play and suggestions for up to 5 more tutorials will be made for additional help.  The one big downside to using this site directly in the classroom is that the embedded videos are linked directly from YouTube, and as a result, may be blocked by your school’s filtering program.  Check with your building principal or IT Department about this.  Of course, this might only be a minor inconvenience as there are several programs that will allow you to parse the video from the site and play it in a stand alone player (I prefer DownloadHelper in Mozilla Firefox and then playing the video in a standalone Flash or Quicktime player.)

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