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32 Life Lessons from the Cute Creatures of Fiction — Infographic

32 Life Lessons from the Cute Creatures of Fiction

Sometimes inspiration comes from the strangest of places.  Oftentimes, we find these in our fictional works, and today’s infographic compiles 32 of these great life lessons from arguable 32 of the cutest creatures from across different media. Hopefully you can find something (or someone) to relate to.  [VIA]

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Video of the Day – 5/8/13 (Fan Art: An Explosion of Creativity)

Daily Video — “Fan Art: An Explosion of Creativity

Today’s video from the PBS Off Book series takes you through the concept of fan art — where artists take established characters from TV, movies, video games, cartoons, etc. and either create their own visual pieces of fiction that includes those characters in new or unique situations.  Learn how many artists got their start drawing fan art or writing fan fiction and how it provides a very unique and creative outlet for them that is also accessible to the masses.  It is interesting to see what is the evolution of a subculture among artists and fans of the subjects as well as some of the unique pieces and “mash-ups” created.

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