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British vs. American English — Infographic

British vs. American English

Even though it’s all the same language, the differences between British and American English are many.  While there are times we can decipher what each other are saying, sometimes words have completely different meanings depending which side of the Atlantic you call home.  Today’s infographic takes a look at several of these differences.  My Canadian friends say they’re totally confused, as they sometimes use a hybrid of both the British and American usages.  [VIA]

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50 Awesome Facts About Languages — Infographic

50 Awesome Facts About Languages

We all speak at least one, and some of us know dozens — even if you’re not aware of it!  Language, and communication in general, is a key to learning, living, and working in the world.  Today’s infographic gives several fun facts you may not have considered about the languages we know and speak.  [VIA]

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The Hardest Languages to Learn — Infographic

The Hardest Languages to Learn

The Foreign Service Institute of the US State Department compiles data about the amount of time it takes a native English speaker to learn various world languages.  This infographic compiles their results and ranks several languages from the easiest to the hardest to pick up.  [VIA]

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21 Ways to Say Hello – Infographic

21 Ways to Say Hello

As the world “shrinks” and the global community grows, we see lots of overlap in cultures and language. The need to communicate with folks who do not speak the same language is something we could encounter every day.  How great is that initial, friendly ice-breaking “hello”?  Today’s infographic gives you 21 ways to say “hello” in 21 different languages. Hujambo, everyone! [VIA]

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19 Emotions Without English Words – Infographic

Emotions without English Equivalents

It seems today that there is a word for everything — and if there isn’t yet, someone will make one up!  Did you know, however, that there are 19 emotions that are recognized in other cultures that we have no words for in English?  Today’s infographic places these emotions on a spectrum with those that we are already familiar with.  It is an interesting study into the nuances not only of language and culture, but also of emotion to see the subtle differences that can arise from basic emotions and feelings that we all recognize. Sometimes it makes me a little jealous of Mr. Spock!! [VIA]

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Espresso Field Guide — Infographic

The Perfect Cup of Coffee

OK, I freely admit it — I’m addicted to coffee!  Usually I can get by with a freshly brewed cup with a little cream, but sometimes I get a little adventurous.  I see the names all the time — Caffe Americano, Mocha Breve, Caffe Au Lait — but oftentimes don’t know just what they are or hoe to make them.  Today’s infographic is a great guide to several espresso drinks to help you feel like an expert next time you go to the counter. Who’s up for grabbing a Caffe Affogato with me? [VIA]

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The World as 100 People – Infographic

The World As 100 People

For most of us, it’s almost impossible to wrap our minds around and comprehend numbers in the billions, millions, and even hundreds of thousands.   The number 100 is much easier for us to grasp, however.  Today’s infographic takes the population of the world and reduces it from about 7 billion to 100.  Keeping the proportions identical, see how many people out of this 100 are of a certain religion, speak a certain language, have clean drinking water, and whether or not the split between male and females in the world is close to 50-50. [VIA]


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