Web Resources for Math Classes

Algebra Help

Great tutorials and interactive worksheets.

A Creative Encounter of the Numerical Kind

Fun Webquest designed for middle schoolers to learn place value.

The Dance of Chance

Learn about math patterns and fractals as they appear in everyday life.

Exploring Data

Lesson plans and step by step directions for using data and working with spreadsheets.

The Fibonacci Numbers

Excellent interpretation of the Fibonacci number sequences.

Flash Demo for Statistics

Visual demonstrations to help students understand and manipulate data sets.

Fractal Microscope

Create then explore fractals to demonstrate the art and science of mathematics.

The Futures Channel

Real life math and science movie clips and lesson plans for the classroom. (Subscription required)

Gallery of Interactive Geometry

Fill out forms, create pictures, and provide advance geometry options.

How Far Is It?

Calculates distances, provides latitude and longitude, and compass directions for various locations.


Over 70 lessons and interactive options for learning math for all ages.

Interactive Algebra

Drill and skill site categorized by units such as factoring, graphic, and inequalities.

The Interactive Math Classroom

Over 425 teacher developed activities, many of which will work with a SmartBoard

It All Adds Up

Simulations of handling budgets, credit, and real life money issues.

The Problem Site

Check out the math games sections!

Math Forum

Curriculum resources, discussions, and collection of links from Drexel University.

Math Lessons That Are Fun

Treasure chest of lesson plan ideas for using the Internet to teach Math.

Math TV

Free practice tests with video solutions.  Covers Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Trigonometry.

Mathematics of Cartography

Learn about the process of making maps and the math used to accomplish this.

Mr. Pitonyak’s Pyramid Puzzle

Webquest for middle school students that has them try to build a pyramid at today’s costs.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Mathematics

Wonderful set of activities that are highly interactive.

Sprotts Fractal Gallery

Collection of many fractals available for exploration.

Statistics Every Writer Should Know

Concise, easy to understand explanations of statistics.

Take a Challenge

Ever-changing math activities geared toward middle school

Using Google Earth in the Math Curriculum

Portal for many great lessons using Google Earth in math.

We Use Math

Great set of activities and videos that illustrate real life uses of and careers in mathematics.

Word Problems for Kids

Large number of algebraic word problems categorized by grade level with hints and online answers.


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